Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bulletin 51

SAINT AGNES CATHEDRAL 533 South Jefferson Springfield, MO 65806 EXTRAORDINARY FORM OF THE MASS: Celebrant Rev. Jeffery A. Fasching

May 22, 2011 Fourth Sunday of Easter

Epistle: Jas. 1: 17-21
Gospel: Jn. 16: 5-14

Mass schedule May 23 through May 27

Monday-Feria in Paschaltide-NO LATIN MASS
Tuesday-Feria in Paschaltide
Wednesday-Saint Gregory VII, Pope & Confessor
Thursday-Saint Philip Neri, Confessor
Friday-Saint Augustine of Canterbury, Bishop & Confessor

If you wish to have a Mass offered for a particular intention or person you must see me first.

I will be on retreat from Monday the 30th through Friday the 3rd of June. THERE WILL BE NO LATIN MASS THIS WEEK. MASS WILL RESUME ON SUNDAY, JUNE 5TH.

The Doctrine of the Blessed Trinity is something we can never fully comprehend. Our God is one God in three persons; Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The three Divine Persons of the Holy Trinity all possess the same nature. Jesus reminds us of this in the Gospel when He says that “everything that the Father has belongs to the Son, and everything the Son has belongs to the Father.” Furthermore, the Holy Ghost also possesses everything that God the Father and God the Son possess. The particular role of the Holy Ghost is to glorify the Son.

We are soon approaching the celebration of our Lord’s Ascension into heaven. We know that it was only after our Lord had ascended into heaven that He was able to send His Holy Ghost upon His disciples. The disciples then received the power to carry on Christ’s mission with boldness and confidence under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. They were thus able to give glory to Christ. The same is true for us today as Christ’s followers. We have received the very same Holy Ghost by virtue or our baptism and confirmation. We have the same power that the Apostles had because we have received the same Holy Ghost of God.

We continue to rejoice this Easter season because of the great gift God gives us in receiving the Holy Ghost. We continue to glorify God by bearing witness to His Son Jesus Christ.

Sincerely in Christ,

Rev. Jeffery A. Fasching