Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bulletin 91

SAINT AGNES CATHEDRAL 533 South Jefferson Springfield, MO 65806 EXTRAORDINARY FORM OF THE MASS: Celebrant Rev. Jeffery A. Fasching

February 26, 2012 First Sunday of Lent

Epistle: II Cor. 6: 1-10
Gospel: Mt. 4: 1-11

Mass Schedule February 27th through March 2nd.

Tuesday-------FERIA OF LENT
Thursday------FERIA OF LENT

Sunday, March 4th at 3:00pm is the Rite of Election at Saint Agnes Cathedral. There will be no Latin Mass.

There will be no Latin Mass on Friday, March 2nd at 12:15pm.

Christ our Lord allowed Himself to be tempted in order to give us an example and to instruct us. The Catholic Church teaches us that there are three levels of temptation. The first level is that of suggestion, or external temptation. This is the only way that Christ could be tempted since He was perfect. We can all undergo external temptation without committing any sin. The second level of temptation is that temptation in which we take delight. Although we may not give clear consent, this level of temptation becomes internal and thus becomes sinful. Finally, there is temptation to which we consent. This form of temptation is always sinful because it affects the deepest part of our soul. Christ allowed himself to be externally tempted in order to show us how to fight and conquer our own temptations. We must learn to trust in God and turn to prayer when we are tempted.

Nobody is above temptation. All the great saints were tempted. We must prepare ourselves for temptation by prayer and fasting just as Jesus did. This is why the Church gives us the beautiful season of Lent. Jesus’ withdrawal into the desert invites us to prepare ourselves by prayer and penance to battle temptation, but also teaches us how to prepare before making any significant decision or action.

Sincerely in Christ,

Rev. Jeffery A. Fasching