Friday, April 12, 2013

Bulletin 148

SAINT AGNES CATHEDRAL 533 South Jefferson Springfield, MO 65806


CELEBRANT: Father Jeffery Fasching

April 14th, 2013 Second Sunday after Easter

Epistle: 1 Pet. 2: 21-25
Gospel: Jn. 10: 11-16

Mass schedule April 15th through April 19th

Monday: Feria of Paschaltide—No Latin Mass
Tuesday: Feria of Paschaltide
Wednesday: Feria of Paschaltide
Thursday: Feria of Paschaltide
Friday: Feria of Paschaltide

The next pot-luck dinner will be held on Sunday, April 21st immediately following the 2:30pm Mass in the school cafeteria.

We must receive the Sacraments with the proper dispositions if we want to obtain God’s grace. We must acquire a true horror of sin. We must gladly use all the means necessary that God offers us to avoid relapsing into sin. Many people are receiving Holy Communion and relapsing right back into serious sin. Many go to Confession one day, and the next fall again into the same sins! These people who confess without contrition and detestation of their sins will have no power over the enemy! Many go to Confession unprepared. They don’t feel the proper repentance. They don’t have a true resolution of not sinning again! Instead of fighting against the devil, they are taking his side!

We must obey the promptings of grace. We must always pray, pray and then pray some more. We must receive the Sacraments with the right dispositions. We must remain faithful to the end. Saint Matthew says: “He that shall persevere to the end shall be saved!”

In Christ,

Father Jeffery Fasching