Friday, May 16, 2014

Bulletin 204

SAINT AGNES CATHEDRAL 533 South Jefferson Springfield, MO 65806


CELEBRANT: Father Jeffery Fasching

May 18, 2014

Fourth Sunday after Easter

Epistle: Jas. 1: 17-21
Gospel: Jn. 16: 5-14

Mon 19 No Latin Mass
Tue 20 Saint Bernardine of Siena, Confessor
Wed 21 Feria of Paschaltide
Thu 22 Feria of Paschaltide
Fri 23 Feria of Paschaltide

Mass on June 22nd (the External Solemnity of Corpus Christi) will begin at 1:30pm.

If we wish to be saved we must follow the will of God in all things. What must we do to save our souls and become saints? Sanctity consists in the perfect fulfillment of the will of God. We must conquer our self-will and follow the will of God. How do we know what God’s will is for us? Jesus Christ says: “He that heareth you, heareth me.” Saint Frances de Sales firmly believed that the most effective way of finding the will of God is by humble obedience to one’s confessor. When we act according to the advice of our confessor we always please God. This is the most secure way of doing the will of God. We should never fear anything we do out of obedience to our confessor because it is they who must render an account to God and not you! We must all obey our prelates and be subject to them.

In Christ,

Father Jeff Fasching