Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bulletin 220

SAINT AGNES CATHEDRAL 533 South Jefferson Springfield, MO 65806


CELEBRANT: Father Jeffery Fasching

September 7th 2014

13th Sunday after Pentecost

Epistle: Gal. 3: 16-22
Gospel: Lk. 17: 11-19

Mon 8 No Latin Mass
Tue 9 No Latin Mass
Wed 10 Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, Confessor
Thu 11 Feria
Fri 12 Most Holy Name of Mary

Our next pot-luck dinner will take place in the school cafeteria on Sunday, September 14th immediately following the 2:30pm Mass. All are invited. In conjunction with the potluck dinner, J.B. Kelly's family business will have their “traveling gift shop” set up in the Saint Agnes cafeteria to offer Catholic books, bibles, 1962 missals, DVD's, devotional items, Mystic Monk coffee and tea, and many other gifts.

If you have a special request for a book or other item, please contact J.B. Kelly prior to September 14th. This is provided as a service to the Latin Mass community with thanks to J.B. Kelly.

There will be no Latin Mass on Tuesday, September 9th.

In addition to serving as celebrant for Mass in the Extraordinary Form (Latin) here at Saint Agnes Cathedral in Springfield, Fr. Fasching continues to serve as chaplain to the non-Catholic hospitals in the Springfield area. These include Cox South, Cox North, Cox Walnut Lawn, Ozarks Community Hospital, and Select Specialty Hospital.

Fr. Fasching also assists Father Paul Wightman, O.M.I., with his parishes including Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mansfield; Sacred Heart, Mountain Grove; Saint Leo the Great, Ava; Saint William, Gainesville; and Saint Michael, Cabool.

As you know, there is no scheduled Latin Mass during the week on Mondays. This is Father Fasching's day off. You are asked not to attempt to contact him on this day.

God said to Moses: “Tell my people that if they faithfully observe my commandments, I will fill them with all kinds of blessings, but if they dare to transgress them, I shall punish them with all kinds of sufferings.” God said to Abraham: “Because thou hast faithfully kept my commandments, I will bless thee in everything. I will bless all those who bless thee. I will curse all those who curse thee. Out of thy race the Redeemer of the world shall be born.” God made known to Abraham's people when the time had arrived for them to enter into the promised land. “The people who dwelt in this land committed great sins. For this reason I shall drive them out and put you in their place. But take care not to transgress my commandments. If you keep them faithfully, I shall bless you in and above everything. When you are in the fields or in your houses I shall bless your children, who will then love you, respect you and obey you, and give you all kinds of consolation. I will command the heavens to give you rain at the proper times, as much as will be necessary to water your fields and your meadows. Everything will prosper for you.”

In another place in the Scriptures God says: “If you keep my commandments faithfully I shall watch unceasingly over your preservation. You can be without fear in your houses. I will prevent the wild beasts from harming you. You will be able to sleep in peace. Nothing will disturb you. I will always be with you. I shall walk with you. I am your God, and you will be my people.” Again He says to Moses: “Say unto my people, that if they keep my commandments I will deliver them from all evils that oppress them.” And the Holy Ghost says that “he who keeps the commandments of God is happier than if he possessed all the wealth on the earth.”

In Christo Jesu et
Maria Immaculata,

Father Jeff Fasching