Saturday, January 16, 2010

Anglican Use In Springfield

It gives me great joy to be able to post this link here to a new prayer group forming in Springfield.

The Holy Father has welcomed Anglicans back to the Church and given them a structure that will enable them to reintegrate smoothly. As people with an affinity for tradition, there is much in this group that we can appreciate. The Anglican Use itself shares many of our traditions such as facing east in prayer, rich liturgical language, receiving Holy Communion kneeling and on the tongue, and has many other textual elements of our Extraordinary Form Mass contained in it. Anglican errors have been rooted from the liturgical books and thus everything presented is Catholic in its whole and in its parts. This could offer a number of people a midweek opportunity for organized liturgical prayer with priests, especially the office of Vespers. Please take the time to visit the site, and also to consider it and the value it can have for you and your family.

Potential altar boys and choir members are asked to contact either myself or Shane Schaetzel at or

The potential here for growth is huge if we stand together as two communities with our traditions, working together towards the same goal: beauty and reverence in the liturgy.