Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Low Mass This Sunday

The Extraordinary Form will be offered as usual at 2:30 PM at St. Agnes Cathedral, but will be a Low Mass. For those who have never attended a Low Mass before, there is less singing, incense is not used, and the texts of the Mass itself is not sung. Properly understood, the Low Mass is very edifying and offers a wall-to-wall meditative environment, contra-pop culture.

A few notes:

During the reading of the Introit, the "Amen" is not spoken by the people, in keeping with the rest of the Introit, which is read by the priest alone.

The "Laus tibi Christe" is not said until Father kisses the missal.

It is imperative that the servers lead in the responses and the congregation follow. This will allow for a smooth recitation of the responses, instead of the regretable situation in some places where the servers follow the responses of the people and chaos ensues.

Unlike at daily Mass in the Extraordinary Form, the people do not join in the responses for the prayers at the foot of the altar, nor do they join the servers for the response during the Offertory. They are however, invited and encouraged to make all other responses that the servers make throughout the Holy Mass.