Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Message From The Blogger

You may have noticed that some things have changed recently. For starters the blog has a higher profile on the Internet with a greater amount of traffic. Second, you might have noticed a name change. The title of the blog is now the "Latin Mass Community of SPRINGFIELD Missouri." My reason for the name change is as follows....

While there have been some efforts to expand the use of the Extraordinary Form mass to other cities within the diocese, news from those areas has been scarce reaching this blog, while simultaneously, news concerning the Extraordinary Form mass in Springfield has been increasing at an exponential rate. That being said, it has become apparent to me that the title of the blog should be more local, as the hub for the Extraordinary Form mass in this region has been centered at the cathedral in Springfield Missouri. As a footnote to this, I would like to add that this blog will continue to post any pertinent information in the surrounding areas as it becomes available.

Finally I would like to announce that Mike Kramer is now the blog administrator. I will continue to stay on as the blog owner, to keep up on blog maintenance and domain registration. I am considering the possibility of buying a new domain name for the blog as well, but I have yet to determine availability and cost. I am open to suggestions of possible domain names in the comments section below. Remember, the key to a good domain name is keeping it short and easy to remember.