Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bulletin 237

SAINT AGNES CATHEDRAL 533 South Jefferson Springfield, MO 65806


CELEBRANT: Father Jeffery Fasching

January 4, 2015

Holy Name of Jesus

Epistle: Acts 4: 8-12
Gospel: Luke 2: 21

Mon 5 No Latin Mass
Tue 6 Epiphany of the Lord
Wed 7 Feria after Epiphany
Thu 8 Feria after Epiphany
Fri 9 Feria after Epiphany

Wisdom literature links the Holy Name of Jesus to oil. Oil gives light. Oil feeds fire. Oil nourishes the flesh and soothes pain. It is food and healing. Oil anoints the body. So also is the Holy Name of Jesus. Saint Ambrose says to preach it is to give light. To think of it is to feed the soul. To call on it is to win grace and unction.

The preaching of the Name of Jesus is what has made the light of faith shine so brightly throughout the world! It is in the light of the Holy Name of Jesus that God has called us into his marvelous light. Saint Paul says we were once in darkness, but now we have found the light of life!

According to Saint Paul we must now live honorably as in the daylight. The Holy Name of Jesus allows us to cast off the works of darkness and put on the armour of light. What infinite power! The Name of Christ came like lightning out of the mouth of Peter to give bodily strength to the feet of the lame man. The Name of Christ has cleared the sight of countless blind souls!

Father Fasching's Mass Travel Schedule – Christmas & Easter

Jan. 10 – 11 – Baptism of the Lord
Gainesville, Ava - Fr. Fasching

Jan. 24 – 25 - 3rd Sunday of the Year
Cabool, Mansfield, Mt. Grove – Fr. Fasching

Feb. 7- 8 - 5th - Sunday of the Year
Gainesville, Ava - Fr. Fasching

Feb. 18 - Ash Wednesday -
Cabool, Mansfield, Mt. Grove – Fr. Fasching

Feb. 21 – 22 - 1st Sunday of Lent
Gainesville, Ava – Fr. Fasching

Mar. 7 – 8 - 3rd Sunday of Lent
Cabool, Mansfield, Mt. Grove - Fr. Fasching

Mar. 21 – 22 - 5th Sunday of Lent
Gainesville, Ava – Fr. Fasching

Apr. 18 - 19 - 3rd Sunday of Easter
Cabool, Mansfield, Mt. Grove – Fr. Fasching

May 2 – 3 - 5th Sunday of Easter
Gainesville, Ava - Fr. Fasching

May 16 – 17 - 7th Sunday of Easter - Confirmation - Ava
Cabool - Sat.4:00 PM - Fr. Fasching
Mt. Grove, Sun. 10:30 AM – Fr. Fasching

May30 – 31 - Trinity Sunday
Gainesville, Ava - Fr. Fasching

In Christo Jesu et
Maria Immaculata,

Father Jeff Fasching