Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bulletin 238

SAINT AGNES CATHEDRAL 533 South Jefferson Springfield, MO 65806


CELEBRANT: Father Jeffery Fasching

January 11, 2015

The Holy Family

Epistle: Col. 3: 12-17
Gospel: Luke 2: 42-52

Mon 12 No Latin Mass
Tue 13 Commemoration of the Baptism of the Lord
Wed 14 Saint Hilary-Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Thu 15 Saint Paul, the First Hermit-Confessor
Fri 16 Saint Marcellus I-Pope & Martyr

The potluck dinner for January will be held on Sunday the 18th immediately following the 2:30pm Latin Mass.

Why Latin?

The Traditional Latin Mass is celebrated in the ancient and venerable language of the Catholic Church. Yes, Latin is the official language of the Church! The Latin Language gives a sense of mystery and a sense of the sacred. If we hear the language of Latin referred to as a “dead” language it is because it is no longer spoken as the vernacular language in any country today. But the Mass is offered in Latin precisely because Latin words do not change in meaning. Pope Pius XII explains: “The use of the Latin language is a manifest and beautiful sign of unity, as well as an effective anecdote for any corruption of doctrinal truth.”

Father Fasching's Mass Travel Schedule – Christmas & Easter

Jan. 10 – 11 – Baptism of the Lord
Gainesville, Ava - Fr. Fasching

Jan. 24 – 25 - 3rd Sunday of the Year
Cabool, Mansfield, Mt. Grove – Fr. Fasching

Feb. 7- 8 - 5th - Sunday of the Year
Gainesville, Ava - Fr. Fasching

Feb. 18 - Ash Wednesday -
Cabool, Mansfield, Mt. Grove – Fr. Fasching

Feb. 21 – 22 - 1st Sunday of Lent
Gainesville, Ava – Fr. Fasching

Mar. 7 – 8 - 3rd Sunday of Lent
Cabool, Mansfield, Mt. Grove - Fr. Fasching

Mar. 21 – 22 - 5th Sunday of Lent
Gainesville, Ava – Fr. Fasching

Apr. 18 - 19 - 3rd Sunday of Easter
Cabool, Mansfield, Mt. Grove – Fr. Fasching

May 2 – 3 - 5th Sunday of Easter
Gainesville, Ava - Fr. Fasching

May 16 – 17 - 7th Sunday of Easter - Confirmation - Ava
Cabool - Sat.4:00 PM - Fr. Fasching
Mt. Grove, Sun. 10:30 AM – Fr. Fasching

May30 – 31 - Trinity Sunday
Gainesville, Ava - Fr. Fasching

In Christo Jesu et
Maria Immaculata,

Father Jeff Fasching