Monday, January 26, 2015


It is natural to fear death, but we really should not. In fact, it is not at all a morbid desire to long for death with one’s whole heart and soul! Actually we should rejoice at death because death means that we are finally delivered from this present “valley of tears” and all our earthly suffering! Death delivers us from our actual sins and through death we are given the chance to enter into the heavenly Paradise for which we were born!

What is death? Job says that our life is full of miseries, infirmities, crosses, persecutions and fears. This is not a life for rest and enjoyment, but for labor and suffering! The only way we can merit heaven is by toil, labor and pain. It is true that death is the punishment of sin, but the miseries this life offers are so great that death should seem to be a relief rather than a punishment.

If we are prepared to die, death is welcomed. In our earthly life the world, evil spirits, the flesh and the passions all draw the soul to sin and eternal death. But death brings us to the possession of Jesus Christ, our true life!

In Christ,

Fr. Jeff Fasching