Saturday, December 27, 2008

Altar Boy Schedule - January 2009

Altar Boy Schedule

Octave of the Nativity (Holy Day) - Jared Gibbs (Book) - Dominic Jackson (Bell)
Holy Name of Jesus - Joshua Kramer (Book) - Michael Kramer (Bell)
Holy Family - Neil Klump (Thurifer) - Jared Gibbs (Crucifer) - Joshua Kramer (Book) - Austin Hoang (Bell) - Dominic Jackson (Boat) ***ANY ADDITIONAL SERVERS WILL BE ASSIGNED AS TORCH BEARERS***
3rd Sunday - Dominic Jackson (Book) - Michael Kramer (Bell)
4th Sunday - Neil Klump (Book) - Austin Hoang (Bell)

*Alternates for a High Mass will be assigned in the sacristy prior to Mass based on those who arrive*
*Alternates for Low Mass as follows*

Joshua Kramer will be covered by Austin Hoang (1st) Jared Gibbs (2nd)
Michael Kramer will be covered by Neil Klump (1st) Dominic Jackson (2nd)
Dominic Jackson will be covered by Neil Klump (1st) Austin Hoang (2nd)
Austin Hoang will be covered by Joshua Kramer (1st) Jared Gibbs (2nd)
Neil Klump will be covered by Dominic Jackson (1st) Jared Gibbs (2nd)
Jared Gibbs will be covered by Austin Hoang (1st) Joshua Kramer (2nd)
**In February, at LEAST 2 servers will be added to the schedule**
***Any scheduling conflicts? Please call Mike at 417.773.2606***

****Altar Boys are expected to arrive 10-15 minutes before the Mass and vest in their cassock and surplice promptly****