Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Three SW Missouri Men Seek Priesthood

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(Springfield, MO) -- Practicing religion on a regular basis is something more and more young adults are taking into consideration.

But there's also a small group of people taking it a step further and choosing to commit for life.

The priesthood is a vocation inside the catholic church that takes a lot of intense preparation and soul searching. It's a call to service many young men are deciding to answer.

Prayer is what helps keep a group of Springfield brothers together.

The Kelly's all have a common goal ,and that is to become Catholic priests.

"It started when I was very young. I think I was in kindergarten when I first felt to be called a priest. My dad and I were going to mass one day, and I saw a priest walk by and I looked up at my dad and I said 'Dad I want to be a father' meaning I want to be priest. And ever since then the calling has always been in my heart," said Joe Kelly.

Joe is 20-years-old and is the youngest of the three and the first in his family to answer the call from Christ.

"I want to help souls that may be lost or who may be struggling. Even those who are at task with their lives or those that know what they are doing. I want to keep encouraging them and just keep helping them," he said...

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