Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reform of the Reform in Springfield-Cape Girardeau Diocese!

Ft. Leonard Wood, a home to our brave soldiers, is preparing to invite in some of the Holy Fathers "Marshall Plan". Together with some traditional minded liturgists and musicians from Springfield, the Catholic Chapel there will be adding chanted Masses and other practices that have become rare in the Ordinary Form, into its parish life. Anticipated are things such as the Vidi Aquam or Asperges being sung before the Mass, a sung Prayers of the Faithful, traditional Gregorian hymns and propers, and so on (in the Ordinary Form, the possibilities are ENDLESS!). Please keep this community in your prayers, as many graces can be gained for them through this.

It is ESSENTIAL to keep in mind that this "Reform of the Reform" is equally as important as the return of the Traditional Rites of the Church. Sacrality must be restored where it was lost, and brought back in forms which were set aside. One Parish at a time.