Sunday, December 28, 2008

Plenary Indulgence/Mass Schedule Update!

Those wishing to attend Holy Mass according to the Extraordinary Form on the 1st of January (a Holyday of Obligation), will be pleased to note that the Mass time has been moved for this day only to 1 PM, PLEASE TAKE NOTE. Again, for the sake of the faithful, a reminder that at this Mass the choir will sing the Veni Creator. The faithful who unite themselves to the offering of this hymn, interiorly or by joinging in the singing of it, gain, under the usual conditions, a plenary indulgence, provided they are aware and intend to receive it.
**A side note: The choir will use the footnoted text in force before the changes to the Hymn made in recent years. It can be found on the same page as the hymn, and it affects a number of verses. **